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And of course, Craftworld Ulthwé would have been the next target for that particular hive to eat. Eldrad made great efforts to make sure Vulkan made it back to terra with this weapon, were it was then permanently fused with the Golden Throne. Both of them resist each-others abilities though Ahriman does have some insane Power Nullification which worked on Yncarne. In this way, the fates of two most prominent dicks in the galaxy intwined. So much for that. On top of that if the Gate is open, these flames will potentially flow into the Warp, were they may even reach the Gods themselves. I would imagine the fight itself would be a psyker version of a soft style martial artist squaring off against a hard style martial artist, in which both martial artists are absolute masters of their respective style. As of 8th edition, and his exile, Eldrad is pulling old strings while fighting alongside the Ynnari and their new allies. This pattern was repeated when Jain Zar visited the Craftworld, advising it against attacking a nascent Ork Waaagh, which the Crafworld's most senior Farseer agreed with. Basically Spock's dad Sarek from Star Trek. He can recoup a portion of the power he puts into every psychic power he uses. has had over 10,000 years to increase in power He also has limits to what he's comfortable doing. Eldrad Ulthran - The Hero of the Craftworld Eldar Warhammer 40K Lore - Duration: ... Kingslayer: Ahriman Thousand Sons Vs. Deredeo Space Wolves Warhammer 40K Battle Report - … Planned.". Eldrad wins before Ahriman even knows there's going to be a game. Because of this all we really have to go on are their in-game mastery levels, and they're both mastery level four. Even if their time is up, if they're going down, they're taking Chaos with them. And of course, Craftworld Ulthwé would have been the next target for that particular hive to eat. What at first glance looked like an utter failure not only saved countless Eldar and non-Eldar lives but also reserved him a seat at the big table for the Rhana Dandra. The answer to that probably depends on how much of a dick, and how competent, you think Eldrad is, although it is true that one skill he certainly has is getting other Eldar killed, in many ways Eldrad is the most successful murderer of Eldar since Slaanesh. This said, even as the Harlequins danced through the Imperial palace Eldrad and the Ulthwe Seer Council did help out the defenders of Terra by calming a path through the Warp allowing the combined Imperial Fists successor fleet to reach Terra and help defeat the Ork forces. He could bring primarchs to their knees and transport entire moons to the warp. So how do you make the explosion more powerful? Ahriman is represented in human shape, crushed under the feet of Ohrmazd’s horse in the Sasanian Ardašīr I’s investiture relief at Naqš-e Rostam. But why? Eldar vagrant clad in black robes and over-wrought hat. Possibly father to Farseers Taldeer and Macha. And even so he was still stalemating the three. Ahriman is the main antagonist in Aveyond: Rhen's Quest, and in the prequel to the Aveyond Series, Ahriman's Prophecy. First of all a warning, there will be spoilers below. Armour of the Last Runes gives him a 3++ Invulnerable save, which, coupled with his T4, allows him to take more punishment than the average Farseer, though his resilience still isn't anything to write home to Craftworld Ulthwé about. Planned. The lore never really goes into exactly how powerful certain psykers are. If we didn't have Death Masque's massive Eldrad failure to work with, I'd have argued that so long as there is one future in which Eldrad is a victor for every thousand ending in his defeat (as was the case in his fight against Abaddon, IIRC), he will have a decent chance of guiding the fight towards that future and obtain victory. Ahriman’s Scourge (Su) Ahriman’s Huge scourge is made from the spines of genies. I tell you, these youngsters today, have absolutely no respect for their “Eldars”. Whilst he served on the Seer Council, but before actually becoming its High Farseer, there was a bizarre tendency for all of Eldrad's superiors to be conveniently (by fate or design, you decide) killed on missions, often just as a Phoenix Lord arrived. Eldrad's dreams of galactic conquest led him to betray his race and he was sentenced to death and obliterated. The scourge only functions for Ahriman. Ahriman about half way done at least this quarantine is keeping me productive : thousandsons i m not the best painter but an old metal that had just been sitting primed black for like 18 years or so finally painted last week happy complete what do you think? Furthermore, his staff gives him a 33% chance to generate an extra warp charge every time he successfully casts a power; so not only does he have those 4-5 powers, but he's usually got the charges to use all of them. Love Can Bloom is ambiguous on the matter, but current /tg/ canon operates on the assumption that he is. Eldrad on the table top is a monster. For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Showcasing his extreme level of dickishness Eldrad stole Crystal Seers (remains of past Seers, which obviously contain a lot of psychic fuel to awaken a god) from every single Craftworld and endangered the entire Eldar species in an abortive attempt to awaken Ynnead which failed when Deathwatch Captain Artemis intervened and defeated him and his Harlequin associates. Get Over It Eldrad is probably THE mainstay special character for Eldar armies. Which only goes to prove that in order to be the hero sometimes you have to be a dick. As. Or the more plausible theory; Eldrad is just really bad at getting things done. Naturally, his Warlord Trait is An Eye on Distant Events—because, you see, Eldrad is a dick. In the aftermath, though, despite his colossal cock-up (the first of a career of failures; to be fair the plan was working until the mere presence of Jain Zar started twisting fate to suit her goals; Phoenix Lords are fucking freaky like that), Eldrad's arrogance continued to rub Jain Zar the wrong way, and he refused to allow the former High Farseer's Spirit Stone into the Infinity Circuit, deciding he could make better use of it personally (which probably means it just got chucked into his big collection of tokens). Some time ago, Abaddon the Despoiler led an assault on Craftworld Ulthwé, to attack the Eldar Farseer Council there. Official lore and fan fluff are welcomed. The Eldar as a whole have many ambitious plans in the works for dealing with Chaos, each as desperate and dangerous as the last, but what is Eldrad's grand plan, and why is he so interested in keeping humanity alive? Eldrad on the table top is a monster. The Eldar then stuffed the remainder of the attack force into a Dreadclaw with "Failbaddon the Armless Failboat" as well as other demeaning terms and images painted all over it and launched it back into the Eye of Terror while laughing hysterically. As a loyal warrior of the Astra Millitarum, it is your duty to be ever-vigilant for any sign of the Imperium’s most hated foes, so you can bring them the swift mercy of Imperial justice. Said opposition went so far he even killed the entire Cabal eventually. Whilst Eldrad's full attention was focused on maintaining the energy required to birth a god, he took a dreadnought's plasma cannon to the face. Before his apparent death, Eldrad was over 10,000 years old, and was the first to warn the Imperium of Horus' treachery. "No threat! Eldrad beat Abaddon in hand to hand combat in the retconned 13th Black Crusade, Eldrads power level is ambiguous to the story's need as "fate manipulation" is super open ended, Eldrad beat Abaddon in hand to hand combat in the retconned 13th Black Crusade. Wasn't Malcador even stronger than Magnus? Ahriman's had whuppings from Eldar psykers before, and Eldrad is supposed to be the strongest of them. Ahriman however can level an absolute TON of powers. Instead, he was then was exiled from the Craftworld on pain of death if he returned. Magnus is the only Mastery Level 5 on the table top ATM, he's potent AF. It is unlikely that this explosion will be able to kill the Gods, but it will likely weaken them seriously. Eldrad believed that such a sacrifice was justified since the Eldar were a nearly extinct race and every Eldar life was more precious than the teeming masses of trillions of humans who still inhabited the galaxy. Mar 5, 2011 #9 dz1 said: The thing is that Magnus could conceivably do the same. Ahriman is talented, but he's not quite in that league imo. Apparently, according to him, at some point he and Vulkan did something together (with Eldrad disguising himself as an old man representing Mount Deathfire to guide Vulkan towards Terra) which resulted in Vulkan giving him a Salamander's tooth, probably to join the huge collection of knick-knacks Eldrad has along with the former High Farseer's Spiritstone. He knows Sanctic Daemonology, Telepathy, Divination, and, of course, Runes of Fate. In fact I can't remember ever reading any stories where Eldrad fights directly with his psychic power. Even Jain Zar, who had less than friendly interactions with Eldrad, claimed that she knew when she was in the presence of another "Immortal". He also turns out to be a bit of a hoarder, with whole towers stuffed with all manner of strange knick-knacks and other totally pointless items gifted to him over his long life, that he was apparently too polite to refuse but too lazy to dispose of (what a dick). The mark limits his options in forcing him to take at least one of his 4 powers from disciple of tzeentch. The only thing known of Eldrad's life, before becoming trapped on the path of the Seer, was that he used to be a musician, and he apparently still has quite an ear for that kind of stuff. His name is derived from Ahriman (Persian: اهریمن ‎), the evil equivalent of the deity Angra Mainyu in Zoroastrianism Enough said. There is only one mortal being in 40k who is a bigger dick than Eldrad. Was Eldrad's plan all along, to keep humanity around so they could ultimately fuel this terrifying warp doomsday device in order to strike a devastating blow against the Gods themselves, a blow that they would never recover from. Contrary to popular belief, this actually occurs well before the 13th Black Crusade, and so is still canon. During the Horus Heresy Eldrad disagreed with the Cabal (of which he was a former member) regarding what should be done, and actively sought to keep humanity from being annihilated; believing that there was actually a third option. Despite the lives lost, Eldrads actions ultimately destroyed two Ork Waaagh's, whilst also preventing the inter-Craftworld wars that would have brought about a far greater loss of life. Where did Eldrad’s reputation for being such a dick come from? Since his act of incredible treason caused the Craftworld to declare that Eldrad had interfered with fate one time too many, Eldrad has been involved in aiding the Ynnari. What form or how this friendship came about is unknown, but it is clear that by the time of the Heresy something *cough*. He regarded himself as the "creator of Kastria", such was his contribution to life on the planet. He seemed particularly invested in the small Craftworld of Idharae, engineering the entire 2nd War of Armageddon to save said Craftworld, although it amounted to nothing in the end as the Invaders Space Marine Chapter simply destroyed Idharae instead. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for the lore and stories encompassing the dark future of the 41st millennium. Or in a kinder way maybe he feels it would be disrespectful. Any daemon's nearby will be perma killed, and seeing as they are all extensions of the Gods themselves, this is going to seriously hurt. Eldrad quickly made a mockery of Abaddon's combat skill; he dodged Abaddon's strikes with the daemon sword Drach'nyen and the Talon of Horus with ease. What a dick. It goes without saying that the more powerful the explosion, the more damage it will do. Said summoning ritual required the bodies of every Crystal Seer, and when the Ulthwe's Seer Council learned of it along with how he crystallized a couple more seers bringing the Ynnari to Ulthwe, only the intervention of the Harlequins saved him from being executed on the spot. Farseeing and reading the future isn't an exact science nor does it guarantee there is a bloodless path/one can be found out of every situation, assuming the one attempting the reading interprets the vision correctly. When the ’Nids invade them in 3000 years, they too will be infected by the gingivitis disease—but they are mindless beasts, who know nothing of painkillers. We've never really seen him stack up against another enemy psyker before, as far as I'm aware. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Besides his psychic prowess, Eldrad also has some nifty wargear. If you love roaming, flanking, intercepting and generally scaring the living daylights out of your enemies, Caveira is for you. Living in constant pain, only worsened by eating, this massive hive of ’Nids will starve and become extinct, a result of their own adaptation abilities. Ynnead awakened, but only at a fraction of its full power, choosing Yvraine as its first servant, and beginning the entire Fracture of Biel-tan storyline. The Imperium was never going to listen to the warnings of xeno scum, so the only way to get their attention was to show them. His name and birth region indicate that he is Iranian. Out of all the factions (despite their many splinter groups not always seeing eye too eye) in 40k they seem to be the only ones who actually know what the bloody hell they're doing, and actually have a plan for the Endgame unlike the Imperium which is just running around and putting out the fires that have been raging since Horus fucked it all up and the Tau who are sitting in a circle holding hands and singing John Lennon's Imagine. He beat the shit out of Abaddon in close combat despite knowing full well what kind of reputation he had. The Phoenix Lords running around, getting everything setup and ready for the Rhana Dandra, whilst at the same time holding it back for as long as possible. Fell The Fattest Santa. These events would also directly influence the two organisations who would go on to create the. He certainly has lived far longer than is natural for even the most long-lived Eldar, and it was his introduction with Asurmen and the ideas of the Path system that caused him to reform the Witch Path into the highly controlled and focused Path that it is. He can learn three Runes of Fate as opposed to the generic Farseers' two and may cast three of those powers(or Smite) in the same turn. … 4: I give this one to the seer council. But the battle goes on, with mankind caught in the middle, whose duty it remains to withstand the forces of evil through good thoughts, words and deeds. To that end he led the Prodigal Sons warband du… Ahriman was born among the wealthy tribes of the Achaemenid Empire, whose kings had allied with the Emperor during the Unification Wars. Her only message was to say that Chaos was the real threat and not to get distracted, whilst Orks were literally moments away from destroying Terra itself, so its not clear how any of this really helped anyone. His dedication to helping out his new allies in the Imperium goes so far that he even directly defies his peers in the Black Library to rather do as Roboute wishes. The gum pain will be considered a normal part of everyday life, and they will regularly take painkillers. He did return to aid his home when it was invaded by Kairos Fateweaver though, assisting them in banishing an attempt by Daemons of Tzeentch to attack the Craftworld. Despite his exile when Daemonic forces invade the defenseless Ulthwé due to Ulthwe sending its entire force to every corner of the galaxy in order to fight Chaos, Eldrad returned and kicked some major Chaos arse. Ahriman slays the primal bull, but the moon rescues the seed of the dying creature, and from it springs all animal creation. Ahriman has of late turned his relentless predation upon the Eldar, determined in his belief that the lost knowledge he seeks can be found in that darkest of halls of enlightenment, the vast repository of arcana referred to in whispers as the Black Library of Chaos. After this, he became pretty unpopular with both Ulthwe and the Cabal alligned part of the Eldar race, and decided to go solo to get things done. But then again, he is a dick. So like any Farseer, he's already much less likely than other psykers to get turned inside out by daemons or to have his powers fizzle out, even when casting big WC3 stuff. After stealing the crystallized bodies of Farseers from every Craftworld, he attempted to prematurely summon Ynnead, the yet-to-be-born Eldar god of Death who would save them from Slaanesh before every single Eldar dies, which was when it was supposed to be born. Namesake Edit "Ahriman" is actually the name of an evil god.In Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster, the founder of the religion, predicted the end of the world, and in that period the good god will battle the evil, whose name is Ahriman. This occurred twice in the days before the Great Crusade, first when Eldrad and an older female Farseer journeyed with Asurmen to try to find a legendary Exodite Oracle. If the Throne fails or the Emperor slain, then the device will feed upon the power stored within the Golden Throne, and Terra will burn. (6 per turn if he uses the same witchfire power 3 times). Indeed Eldrad has a poor reputation when facing off against Space Marines (but that's true of everyone), beginning with his battle against Fulgrim. As. Eldrad tried to ally with Fulgrim, who was already half possessed by a greater daemon of Slaanesh. He gave Jain Zar an ultimatum, she could continue on her chosen path and see him dead, or she could choose to trust in the path he would forge for the Eldar. And that candy will contain a slow-spreading gingivitis bacteria that will fester in the new race and slowly spread amongst their entire species. His devotion to this new great alliance of Elves and Men--I mean Eldar and Imperium has seen him going so far as to oppose the White Seers, the leaders of the Black Library itself, in favour of doing what was requested by Roboute, doing so without any of the usual Eldar trickery (by the gods, the sheer amount of dickishness that he must be holding back is mind-boggling- one can only assume that his exile taught him a painful lesson in humility) and openly admitting to the Primarch that the Imperium and the Eldar need each other to survive. As of the 13th Black Crusade, Eldrad is getting more active. Cegorach and his great jest, to trick Slaanesh into saving the Eldar. ... You forgot Ahriman . He still is a dick though, double so considering his actions tend to come at even higher cost to the 'lesser' races as they do to his own. Yvraine has taken to making fun of him because of his old age. Most concerningly, he seems to believe that something worse than Chaos, something older, is on it's way... Could Eldrad possibly become the Phoenix Lord of the Witch Path? Eldrad deliberately instigated the conflict that ultimately became the Second War for Armageddon, costing the Imperium millions of human lives, to save 10,000 Eldar lives. The Emperor and the Farseer are known to each other. If he's taken as your Warlord he gets Ulthwé's unique Fate Reader trait, which gives you a Command Point at the beginning of your turn if you roll a 6. via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 8th edition and New Campaign called War in the Webway 3 talking about this. The gum pain will be considered a normal part of everyday life, and they will regularly take painkillers. Today in this Battle Report, Ahriman and Eldrad are in Search of Elliots Beard.... Hellstorm Wargaming is live on Twitch Every week: Anything he hits with it gets wounded on 2+, probably doesn't get an armor save, and dies instantly if you activate Force. Eldrad Ulthran is renowned as the most powerful and far-sighted psyker of the Eldar race, and was the Chief Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé. Since then Eldrad has been involved in a few events; he saved Saim-Hann from a Hrud infestation, tried to forewarn Iyanden of the invasion of the Tyranids, defeated the Ork Warboss Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub and also took part in the battle of Blood and Tears. Said Oracle, believed to have been the first Eldar to ever foresee the Fall, turned out to be a Keeper of Secrets in disguise and, in the ensuing fight, killed Eldrad's superior. In just two strikes, Eldrad cleaved through Abaddon's Terminator armor with virtually no effort and separated him from his arms (hah, I see what you did there). What is his ultimate plan (or how to make the biggest dick in 40k even more of a dick), Just before the events that would lead into the events of 8th edition, When the Deathwatch discovered what was going on. In a strange case of "Just as planned" this apparent failure, actually turns out to be a complete success. Eldrad was a Kastrian who developed many scientific marvels for his people. Today, Scuba Steve is going to tell you about the Big Daddy Farseer, Eldrad Ulthran – Buckle up, guys and gals, you’re in for one hell of a ride. As we all know, the dude is rivaled as a (non-cheese) psychic powerhouse only by Ahzek Ahriman: he's got Mastery Level 4, meaning that if you go for Psychic Focus and roll on a single table, you've got access to every power on there except for one (something his Tzeentchian peer can only do with the Tzeentch discipline since he has to generate at least one power from it). You get the distinct impression that the Eldar have no intention of pulling their punches, and are fully intending to fuck Chaos up big time. On Maedrax the Ulthwe forces under his direction were mauled by a single Blood Angels Battle Barge and failed in their mission to stop an awakening Necron Dynasty. 8th Edition kept a lot of the details more or less the same; his melee weapons still wound on a +2, he's still T4 with a 3++ Invuln save and he's still a dick. Of course, seeing as Eldrad is still on his first life there is no telling if this is true or not, but given that his previously retconned death had him splitting his soul into multiple soul stones (in a similar way to a horcrux) and that several were still active, even after his supposed "death" may indicate that GW may have planned on resurrecting him eventually if they had chosen to continue that storyline. When the ’Nids invade them in 3000 years, they too will be infected by the gingivitis disease—but they are mindless beasts, who know nothing of painkillers. In many ways it was Eldrad, along with Abaddon, who started the whole set of events which have lead to the changes beginning in the Gathering Storm. minipainting my take on using duncan s scheme armour and robes finished And that candy will contain a slow-spreading gingivitis bacteria that will fester in the new race and slowly spread amongst their entire species. There is only one mortal being in 40k who is a bigger dick than Eldrad,, There was also a subtle hint in "The Throne World" that claimed that at some time in the past both Eldrad and the Emperor had been "friends". In fact, if you were to believe the mountain of Space Marine bolter porn that gets released by GW, you might come to believe that Eldrad (and everyone else for that matter) has, in over ten thousand years, never won a single battle against any Space Marines. Despite all this the attack was a total failure, with the High Farseer dying, the Avatar of Khaine being destroyed (in one of its earliest defeats) and Eldrad himself almost being killed. Subconsciously diverting a tiny amount of energy to protect himself proved to be enough to cause the ritual to collapse, and the moon to explode. After ascending to the position of High Farseer Eldrad would try to interfere in the course of the Horus Heresy a few times, rarely to much success. It was a talisman that could create flames that can permanently kill daemons. Or have Jain Zar bail you out. Mikael Svanberg (born 13 November 1972), better known as Lord Ahriman, is a Swedish musician and composer best known as the primary guitarist, songwriter and sole founding member of black metal band Dark Funeral.He is also the rhythm guitarist in the band Wolfen Society. [1a] Eldrad then attempted to end the lives of the Primarch and his bodyguards but this would end disastrously for Ult… The closest instance I can remember is him fighting three guardians of the Black Library, with the shadowseer displaying better direct combat feats than any other Eldar psyker before, even Eldrad. Hidden Heroes. Eldrad is tied for 4th on the list, alongside 40k-era Ahriman. Before the Fall of Cadia, Eldrad was over 10,000 Terran years old, and was the first to warn the Imperium of Man of the Warmaster Horus' treachery. Just. Also, he engages in only the highest forms of dickishness, as the accounts from one of his retinue warlocks attest. I would say Ahriman for the fact that he can summon Daemons and Thousand Sons who … Easy you add more fuel to feed it. Even Big.E cannot discern the future with perfect clarity despite being vastly more powerful and experienced than Eldrad (or any other psyker). Currently, a member of the Ynnari, although he travels separately from the main group, joining their quest to bring forth Ynnead in its full power with the Croneswords. Malcador would probably be a level 5 as well, just not with the insane toughness that a primarch brings to the table. Well there isnt much of a comparison, and it also depends on your playstyle. It could be that he ultimately wants Eldar and humanity to join hands and sing kumbaya, as we skip merrily into the sunset, but what's the fun in that. Parts of Eldrad were scattered across space, allowing for his revival in many different incarnations. GW used it as a means to tease the 13th Black Crusade and the (then upcoming) Eye of Terror Worldwide campaign event. Eldrad, however, wanted to attack and destroy said Waaagh (Mainly because Jain Zar's plan was to make sure this Ork Waaagh ended up destroying Ulthwe, so as to prevent an even bigger disaster later on; Eldrad disagreed), convincing the Craftworld to follow him and rousing the Avatar of Khaine. He's got a shuriken pistol (always good to have a Bladestorm weapon handy, and it's an extra close combat attack), a witchblade (Fleshbane! Enemy At Large. And that's with him getting ambushed. Maybe he really wanted those Harlequins dead and this was... somehow... the best way to do it. Which he did to help them against Tzeentch's minions anyway! Time and time again, Eldrad has averted disaster for not only his former craftworld They usually just show him scrying the future. Some students of Zoroastrianism even think Ahriman may be the first description of the Antichrist. In his defence, to make an omelette you gotta break some eggs (as the Mon'Keigh saying goes) and while Eldrad's bodycount is frighteningly high, most of his actions have prevented even greater loss of Eldar lives further down the path even as they guaranteed the deaths of many. "Where did Eldrad’s reputation for being such a dick come from? Eldrad attempted to reason with the Marines, explaining that what he was doing would strike a devastating blow against the true enemy. It should be pointed out that this does not mean humanity itself is destroyed as the majority of humanity would be nowhere near the explosion. As always, for more great articles, be sure to check out Tactics Corner!

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