Hello everyone !

My name is Zara Griffiss and I am 25 years old . I am a level 3 riding coach, dressage rider and equine vlogger !

Let me tell you a little about myself …

I was bought up In Kingswinford and was lucky enough to be brought a pony at a young age (even if she was a £200 brood mare) ! So I did all the pony club activities on her. We never had the luxury of a ménage at home, in fact the field was not even flat !! So learning dressage tests and show jumping proved quite hard !

Every pony I ever owned used to buck me off !!! My Mum used to tell me it was normal and that’s what all ponies do !!

I later was fortunate enough to be bought a show jumping pony where we got to scope at Foxhunter level . She was an amazing little cob, but yes she too bucked me off all the time !

I knew that the second I was out of school I would be training in the horse world … so I did !!!

I pretty much did most exams you could do with a horse. NVQs in horse care and management , different coaching pathways and even all the first aid courses in equine as well as human.

I went on to work with some amazing riders inc 4* event rider Emily Philip !

At the age of 21 I finally felt brave enough to branch out on my own ! So I went self employed and freelanced !

I got the dressage bug after being given the ride of the most beautiful young sports horse “Allegro” he was meant for his owner to hunt so it was my job to school him and bring him on and compete him .

Well once he scored his first 71% at his first ever dressage test THAT WAS IT !! 

I had banned his owner from riding him and stole him for the dressage ring ! We are now training at medium level and have just been selected for the SIR dressage teams! It is my dream to get him to PSG and get to wear a tail coat .

Be sure to look out for Vlogs and follow our journey. As well as learning little (how to) tips and tricks I have learnt along the way .

These vlogs contain it all ! The good, the bad and most definitely the enjoyment I have with these horses .


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