If your equine friend suffers from sweet itch or allergic reactions to fly bites, don’t let pesky insects ruin your horses’ fun this spring/summer…

Aloeride is a pure organic aloe vera supplement for horses, which when used in conjunction with fly protection, can help with the horses’ allergic reaction to biting insects, as well as helping to promote healthy skin and accelerated healing in cuts and sores caused by the horses’ scratching.

Aloe vera is renown for having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which alongside additional anti-inflammatory qualities and a range of B vitamins (which again are known to help with allergic skin reactions) it can quickly help tackle the problem inside out.

Aloeride is an easy to administer alternative to feeding fresh aloe vera and is available in one-a-day sachets. Aloeride is taste-free, has a long shelf life, requires no refrigeration and with 30 sachets (1 month’s worth) containing a whopping 12 litres of aloe vera juice – you can be reassured that your horse or pony is getting the best each and every day.

Aloeride® aloe vera has also been tested by an accredited Newmarket laboratory and does not contain any synthetic compounds and if you need topical aloe vera to soothe cuts and sores –simply mix with water to create a cream!

RRP: £55.20 per carton (Month’s supply) with discounts available on multi-purchases.

www.aloeride.com 01858 464550

Press information only: equine@mirrormepr.co.uk +44 (0) 1932 918 089



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