Originally from Germany, Advanced dressage rider, Melanie has always followed her passion for horses from the age of 4.   For over 20 years she has ridden horses of all ages, levels and disciplines for yards and studs in Germany, Spain, South Africa, Ireland and England.    After discovering and applying the power of Natural Horsemanship, Mel has developed her own structured training method.

“Speak horse and win” is a training system that is based on the fusion of Natural horsemanship and modern dressage training.   Whilst “Natural Horsemanship” focuses on equine psychology, modern dressage training applies the “Scales of Training” to develop the horse’s balance and physical skills.   Both elements are equally important to allow the horse to develop confidence in his work and trust in the rider.   Not only have riders found new confidence and trust in their horses whilst training with Mel, many horses who arrived “sour”, resistant and nappy at the yard have learned to enjoy their work again.   The idea is to make the horse want to do the job, which immediately improves the horse/rider relationship and therefore greatly enhances performance regardless of level or discipline.   It comes in especially useful for nervous riders or “tricky” horses as it provides a valuable confidence boost by simply creating a happy partnership based on mutual trust and respect.


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