At the beginning of 2017 we were pleased to introduce the Young Coaches Programme; we followed 6 aspiring Coaches throughout their Journey into becoming fully qualified British Horseball Association coaches!

As you may have seen in our last Blog post, Reece McNamara the first Young Coach to complete the course was awarded with his certificate at the End of Season Fundraiser Ball 2017. With the other 5 Young Coaches soon to be fully completed!

Excitedly the British Horseball Association agreed down to the success of the first group of candidates, the course would run again for its second year.

Applications for the Course which was open to British Horseball members aged 16-25 were emailed out back in October and after receiving an incredible 9 applications this year, the final 6 have been selected! All applications were made completely anonymous and a panel of 6 different British Horseball Association members thoroughly read each application and graded them, the overall results were added up to reveal the final 6 successful applicants.

The Young Coaches programme was created to develop BHA coaching by supporting young players to become British Horseball Association Qualified Coaches. Each applicant will be fully supported and mentored by the BHA.

In return for this support each Young Coach is required to give back 40 hours of voluntary Coaching to Under 21 Players plus 30 hours of voluntary refereeing at BHA league events to complete their qualification.

Each applicant will be required to complete a number of processes before they are fully qualified. This will include completing: 3 Day at Work First Aid course specifically tailored to Equestrian sport, Full DBS Check, British Horse Society approved Safeguarding Course, The British Horseball Association Coaching Course (Level 1) and become a full British Horseball Association member.

We are delighted to introduce our second group of successful applicants to the programme for 2017-2018…

Ava Feculak (Quob Stables Horseball)
Becky Mayo (Nottingham Uni/ Nottingham Knights Horseball)
James Deighton (Southampton Uni/ Quob Stables Horseball)
Maya Carter Birch (North London Horseball)
Ellie Rowland (Nottingham Uni/ Nottingham Knights Horseball)
Megan Downes (Nottingham Uni/ Nottingham Knights Horseball)

​We will excitedly be following the progress of each Young Coach and look forward to seeing the journey they undertake to become qualified!

We wish all of the young coaches all of the success in this very exciting new venture and are looking forward to welcoming a team of new and qualified coaches to the British Horseball Association!


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