Dr Tracey Cole is a former research scientist and teacher who uses hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™ to treat a range of issues such as fear of flying and addiction. As a keen equestrian and former nervous rider, it is no surprise that she also helps riders of all levels and in all disciplines combat nerves and ride to the very best of their ability. Dr Cole’s expertise is available for riders to access in a range of formats, from week-long riding courses in the Spanish sunshine and full day clinics to self-guided training delivered in her newly-launched book, the Confident Rider Mindset.

Dr Cole’s flagship distance learning course, Confident to the Core Rider Confidence Training (£147.00), is the perfect ‘middle ground’ option for those who would like a more supported and interactive programme but don’t feel a full day or week of training in one go is for them. The course is the result of years of work by Tracey to draw all her experience working with riders and her personal journey together to create a tried and tested pathway for people looking to change the way they think and react in the saddle.

The course consists of three distinct stages that enable the rider to rid themselves of limiting beliefs and unleash their full potential. They are:

  1. Work to open the mind to the possibility of change;
  2. Persuade the mind there is another way;
  3. Instil a new way of thinking.

The Confident to the Core training course is simple to understand and easy to access, with 5 modules for the pupil to work through with support via emails, webinars and a private Facebook group. There are MP4 webinars to watch as well as cheat sheets, a plethora of information and instruction sheets that all arrive at the start of the course so that the pace of learning can be adjusted to suit every individual. The Confident to the Core Rider Confidence Training is highly practical, indeed some of the exercises and techniques can even be practiced in the saddle so the rider can see the positive changes in themselves as it happens.

We all know how expensive horses and riding can be, and as a horse owner Dr Cole has made the course available to purchase module-by-module as well as in one go. That means you can pay as you go through the course for £32.00 per modules. Take a more in-depth look at the Confident to the Core Rider Training course here:



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