The Federal Equestrian Park is the family home of riders, whether club-based or top athletes. While many regroups of the teams of France regularly take place at the Federal Equestrian Park, it was a great first for the riders of the team of France para-training.

”  This winter rally is a real novelty this season, for both the staff and the riders,” explains Philippe Célérier, national coach. At the end of the season, we left the riders and did not find them until the day before the first competitions. We really missed a phase of work between the seasons of competitions. We want to bring continuity to the work of our athletes and surround them, including during the winter. We are in a period of construction and preparation before the resumption of competitions. We have with us couples who are mostly seasoned and we are here to refine and optimize the work. Couples have more and more technique and now we have to get the points, gain expression, if we want to be successful on major international events. 

We are lucky to be able to enjoy the exceptional facilities of the Park. We are between us and can develop schemas and work techniques. We will have two more courses in February and March, including with judges to really settle the last details. A final grouping will take place in Deauville just before the international.

The couples will compete once a month in international over the season, and the selections for the World Equestrian Games will take place at the end of July. 

The team internships of France are also the opportunity to see couples in the making and give axes of work to everyone, always in consultation with the riders and their private coaches.

Estelle Guillet , newcomer to France team after competing for Switzerland, talks about her immersion in the France group during this internship:

“In 2017, I started the para-dressage tests under the colors of Switzerland because I have dual nationality and I live in Switzerland. I met the staff of the team of France on these competitions where they always helped me and accompanied even while I competed for another nation. I am married to a Swiss, but I was born in France and my whole family is French. It was really a dream for me to wear the colors of France in competition and it’s really a great chance for me to join this team.

My horse Magic des Meuyrattes is constantly growing and we will work to keep its stability over the year. He is a very big horse, he needs time to put everything in place. This is the first time we come to the equestrian park and I find it quite extraordinary. The facilities are beautiful, everything is done for riders and horses. 

Technically, Philippe really brings me keys. I have a private trainer who comes once a week at home, and this internship brings me additional insights to progress and be able to work at home optimally.  ”

Vladimir Vinchon: ”  With my horse Tarantino Fleuri, of course we have the Tryon World Equestrian Games in sight. After discussion with the federal staff at the end of training, we will follow the selection course this season hoping to be successful to be traveling to the United States next September.

And the ultimate goal for this horse will be the Tokyo Olympics. The preparation will be crescendo by then to be at the top of our form at the end of the summer. 

Camille Jaguelin  : ”  I have been living at the ENE in Saumur since the end of October when I am in training to take my DEJEPS. It is a sport training that gives me a lot of time to train on horseback and do physical preparation. It allows me to consider the season serenely.

My mare will run the full season and we will see where we are at the time of the selections. I’m only 18 years old it is not an end in itself, but I will still give the best to be of the trip. All this work put in place, it is in the perspective of participating in the Olympics in Paris in 2024. And more than that I have to go to win the gold medal. There will be several stages by then, including the Tokyo Olympics as well as several global milestones.

If I had to choose, it’s really in Paris that I would like to win Paralympic gold, at home, in France, in front of my public, I think it’s even the goal of my career. 

Other gatherings are planned during the winter, as well as a Para-training seminar to be held at the Federal Equestrian Park on March 5th and 6th.

”  It will be open to all those interested in our discipline, riders, coaches …  explains Fanny Delaval, team leader. We will present the discipline in all its details, its organization as a whole, from beginning to top level. We will explain how the classification system, the revisions, the rules of the competitions …

Michel Assouline, coach of the team of Great Britain will do us the honor to be present. It is a world reference in para training. He will share his great experience with the coaches who will be present. An international judge will also be present to explain all the specificities of the notation in our discipline.

It will really be an overview of the discipline as a whole that we want to open to the greatest number . “


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